Now, more than ever, starting your own business sounds very appealing. And you've probably come up with a list of businesses that seem relatively easy to start without a lot of upfront money required. So now you want to know just how much it will cost to start a window cleaning business. Like any business, the cost to start your business is contingent on several factors. Some of the most important decisions that you will have to make when starting a window cleaning business include labor cost, Marketing, supplies (even things like vehicles) office space. Those are just a few to consider, but should be top of your list to decide upon. For example, to save money when starting out, you might be the only person doing the window cleaning. So your labor cost would be zero; well except for your time. You probably do not want (or need) office space from day 1. But things like certain cleaning supplies and some Marketing costs you will need to invest in to even get and be able to service that first customer.

You really have two options in how you start your window cleaning business and depending on your decision, the upfront and costs will be dramatically different. You have the option of purchasing a window cleaning business versus starting out on your own as an independent business. As an independent business owner, you’ll save costs by not investing in franchise fees. Instead, you’ll be looking at other costs, including purchasing supplies, gaining clients through marketing, and establishing office space. The downside is that when it comes to making these financial decisions, you’re, well, on your own. Purchasing a window cleaning franchise gives you a huge head start towards success, but at a cost. The cost to start a Men In Kilts window cleaning business varies depending on your location and how many zip codes you are looking to service. To get a more accurate sense for cost, please fill out our free estimate form here. Comparatively, the cost to start a window cleaning business is much lower than other types of businesses. And while the franchise window cleaning business model may be more expensive upfront that going independent, you’ll be supplied with tried-and-true business solutions—something most franchisees say is worth every penny. A good franchisor will provide assistance and suggestions on everything from marketing strategies to the most efficient way to get a job done.

There’s no denying that starting a new business requires an initial investment. If you take the franchise route, you’ll want to consider money to your franchisor, as well as directly into your new business. Let’s start with money paid to the franchisor. Franchise fees are the upfront cost to join the team, and royalties are an ongoing fee typically paid as a percentage of income. As the franchisee, you’ll be looking to minimize both of these costs. When comparing across several industries, you’ll consistently find that the franchise and royalty fees (as well as the overall cost) to start a window cleaning business to be much lower.

Window cleaning businesses are fairly unique. Unlike most other industries, you’ll be travelling to your clients. With no expensive commercial space or equipment to purchase or finance, you’ll be saving big! Another great benefit of most service businesses is that you can be open for business quite quickly. While other business owners wait for their restaurants and storefronts to be built, you’ll be busy getting customers, performing window cleanings and making money.

Not all window cleaning franchises are created equal however. At Men In Kilts, we see our franchisees like family members—and we would never gouge family! Our franchise costs are some of the lowest around. And with our royalty fees up to half of other window cleaning franchises, you’ll save down the road too. We’re here to help you reduce your cost and avoid expensive mistakes. While most franchises will pocket most of your initial franchise investment, that's not our approach. In fact, more than 65% of the cost to start a window cleaning business with Men In Kilts goes right into your new business. We know that everyone has different ideas of what their business should be. Small, medium or large—you decide how big you want to go, and we’ll help you get there. Our customized plans will help you keep the costs as low as possible.

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