Feeling like your business is stuck? Tired of being a one-man-band?

Men In Kilts has the experience and tools you need to help get your business growing again. Whether you want to build an empire or just need some support, we’ve got your back.

Our kilted brand is unmatchable.

You will quickly become the most memorable ‘kilted cleaners’ which will entice recurring jobs and “peek” interest in new customers. As your client count grows, you’ll have all the operational tools needed to sustain that growth.

Transitioning your business into a Men In Kilts is easier than you might think.

We work with you at your pace, there is no fee to convert, and you'll receive a lower royalty rate for the first three years after converting. Take a “peek” at what else we can offer your business.

What does converting to a franchise mean?

Converting to a franchise means that you convert your independent business into a franchise location. Your business name and marketing will change and you will have a contract with Men In Kilts (Franchise Disclosure Document) that details your relationship with the franchisor (this includes payments, protected territory, etc…) You will still be a small business owner but will have the support of the national franchise.

Will I still own my business?

100%. If you choose to convert to a Men In Kilts, your business will stay your business. This means that you are still the boss, but will have access to our marketing, software, and other tools to drive your business to the next level.

How much does it cost to convert?

Conversion offices have the opportunity to waive the initial franchise fee.

Other conversion costs include switching your brand over to Men In Kilts (marketing materials, vehicle wrap) and any additional operational tools you may need.

If I choose to convert, what will I get in return?

Top-Notch Software & Technology

Our proprietary, web-based software system makes it easy to manage everything from estimating, sales, scheduling jobs, work orders, and client billing, all in one application that you can access anytime and anywhere.


Men In Kilts has incorporated “Optimized Routing” into our software which means that you won’t waste time any driving from A to Z back to D and over to E. Instead, you will have the best route optimized for your teams everyday. It’s easy as ABCDE!

Superior Marketing Suite

Every Men In Kilts owner works with a personal Marketing Coach to determine just the right mix for a successful marketing plan. Our marketing team includes search engine optimization and pay per click specialists who will help you drive traffic to your website. We even have an in-house creative team and social media specialists to help you customize your local marketing.

Men In Kilts Mailer Men In Kilts Mailer

Personal Business Coaches

For the lifetime of your business, you will have access to a team of coaches who are experts in all things Men In Kilts. They will be there to help guide your business onward and upward. You can have confidence knowing that we’ve got your back (or eh, kilt!)

Business Community & Franchise Family

The best part about converting to a franchise is your instant access to a community of like-minded people who are invested in helping each other grow.


We love to hang-out! We know the importance of in-person contact. We are always planning fun trips for our franchisees to bond and learn. From Adventure Trips to Conventions to Office Visits, you’ll always have something on the calendar.

Men In Kilts Mascot

For a limited time, Men In Kilts is offering a unique, zero-fee franchise opportunity for established business owners

We’re here to answer all your questions and show you all the kilt-tastic benefits of a Men In Kilts Franchise.

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