Money & Cost

What is the franchise fee?

Men In Kilts' franchise fee starts at just $38,000 and includes the price of your base territory.

What is the royalty fee?

Men In Kilts' royalty fee starts at only eight percent (8%) of gross sales and decreases to as low as five percent (5%) as your franchise grows.

Is there a national marketing fee?

Men In Kilts charges a modest two percent (2%) national marketing fee that is directed towards local and national marketing programs.

Support & Tools

Tell me a bit about your support

Men In Kilts has a staff of business coaches to support franchise owners. Our business coaches work with franchisees in a very personal way. There are no highly structured monthly calls. Business life just doesn't work like that. Sometimes you'll need to make a quick call out of the blue. Other times a text will suffice. There are times when you'll need a few hours to really discuss a situation. Business coaches are just that, coaches. They provide advice and are that second set of eyes to keep your business moving forward.

What marketing services do you offer?

Men In Kilts is one of the most creative and memorable brands in the industry.

As a franchise owner, you will have access to our vendor network - it takes just minutes to send a direct mail piece to a demographically targeted list, place pre-printed inserts in your local newspaper or order marketing materials like magnets or car wraps.

We utilize dedicated, in-house experts to incorporate local search engine optimization (SEO) into our content marketing strategy to drive traffic to franchisees' local web pages so that their franchise will be visible in consumers' online searches.

Legal & Requirements

How does Men In Kilts determine one's territory?

We talk with each of our franchisees personally and create an exclusive territory that will help meet their business goals. Along with a detailed review of demographic data in your area, we listen to you about the local nuances. We'll work together to come up with the perfect territory.

Can I negotiate aspects of the Franchise Agreement?

The simple answer is "no". While we do update our Franchise Agreement annually, we don't make adjustments on an individual basis. We have some very good reasons not to do so. You see, many other franchisors will changes terms from one franchisee to another. Many do this in order to "sell" the franchisee. There are many problems with this. First, as a franchisor, we would have to manage different legal terms for every franchisee. Second, every franchisee would be wondering if they got the best deal. Franchisees would be asking each other what their royalty fee percentage is for example. Do you think that adds to franchisees getting along? It doesn't.

At Men In Kilts, we've put together a very fair agreement that we feel comfortable standing behind. We don't negotiate because it's best for everyone involved, not because we're hardheaded.


When I become a franchisee, will I be on my own when I start up my business?

Men In Kilts offers every franchisee a multi-week extensive training program that consists of the right mix of at-home training along with hands-on and classroom training right in the Men In Kilts headquarters. After completion of this program you will feel confident opening the doors of your exterior cleaning franchise. Our training and support doesn't stop there - you will be assigned to a dedicated coach to support your journey in business ownership from startup to maturity.

Where is Men In Kilts headquarters located?

We are headquartered in Boston, MA. Being located in Boston, we have access to the most highly trained software developers and marketing experts in the country. Many of the country's top universities, including Harvard and MIT, are only blocks away from our office. This location means an extraordinary pool of talent and resources are available to us - all to better assist you.

Come visit us! Based upon our discussion, if we both feel you may be a good match for Men In Kilts, we will extend an invitation to tour our headquarters. You will meet the Men In Kilts team, see our facilities, preview our software and marketing materials, and get a first hand look at our franchise system.

What are some qualities of a successful Men In Kilts franchisee?

This is an interesting question. While there is no single quality that determines success, there are a few qualities we've noticed over the years that certainly improve one’s odds of being successful.

Here is a partial no particular order.

  • Successful Franchisees like people. They enjoy personal interaction and work well with others.
  • Successful Franchisees speak clearly and confidently. They inspire trust and confidence.
  • Successful Franchisees understand that technology is important. They are willing to invest in systems.
  • Successful Franchisees are open to new ideas and spend time learning new concepts.
  • Successful Franchisees have a vision for their business and what type of culture they want to create.
  • Successful Franchisees are good with numbers and accounting doesn't scare them.
  • Successful Franchisees love to be hospitable. Making customers happy is fun for them.
  • Successful Franchisees can check the drama at the door. Life happens, but they can keep it out of the office.
  • Successful Franchisees feel that they are lucky.
  • Successful Franchisees are coachable. They understand even someone as talented as Tom Brady (ok we're in New England) has a coach.
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