An Unforgettable Brand, Literally

After you see & hear Men In Kilts, does any other exterior cleaning brand come to mind? Exactly. Our unique brand sparks customer loyalty and gives an otherwise ‘dirty job’ a fun spin.

Tools in Your Toolbelt

From the software to run your business to the kilts your cleaners wear, we will provide all the support you need for the lifetime of your business. Regardless of your experience, we provide the training, marketing, technology and more you’ll need to run your business.

  • Cloud Software (Available for desktop & mobile)
  • Search Engine Optimization & Google Pay-Per-Click Services
  • National Brand on a Local Level
  • Employee Recruiting Specialists
  • Top Vendor Partnerships
  • National Sales Center
  • Personal Business & Marketing Coaches
Men In Kilts Founder

Why the Kilt?
Founder, Nicolas Brand saw an opportunity and a fragmented market for window cleaning. He was looking for a way to stand-out from the crowd and decided to tap into his Scottish heritage and don a kilt. Everywhere he went, people stopped to stare and ask for pictures with him. He soon built a successful business with his distinguished style, trademarked green plaid, and friendly, professional service.

The Kilted Way

With 25+ years in franchising, we understand what it takes to be successful in the industry. Our first priority is franchisee satisfaction. From technology to support, we’ve modernized our franchise so we can be more flexible, friendly, and family oriented.

No Weekly Royalty

No Weekly Royalty Fees

At Men In Kilts, we send our invoices out after the end of the month allowing you a full month to pay. Seems like the more friendly way to do things, right?

No Weekly Royalty

Minimal Required Marketing Spend

Most other franchisors legally bind you with a large required monthly marketing spend. They'll say they know best. At Men In Kilts, we will highly recommend a marketing budget, but we won't demand you spend a huge amount. Your money, your marketing decisions!

Men In Kilts Mascot

It’s time to bring a friendly business to your neighborhood.

We’re here to answer all your questions and show you all the kilt-tastic benefits of a Men In Kilts Franchise.

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