As stay-at-home orders persist, businesses are continuing to struggle which means layoffs, reduced hours, and furlough for many employees. Frontline workers are having to continually risk their health and the health of their loved ones as they battle COVID-19. Men In Kilts, an exterior cleaning franchise, has created a program to help ease the financial and lifestyle struggles of first responders, veterans, and more.

This program includes discounts valued at $15,000, that will work to help first responders, doctors, nurses, veterans, and other frontline workers to purchase their own franchise business. Men In Kilts also offers financing and other financial assistance to those who do not qualify for the discount.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 33 million Americans have filed for unemployment over the past six weeks. Forbes has published this week that 42% of all COVID-19 job losses will be permanent, leaving approximately 14 million people without pay.

Men In Kilts is still continuing to welcome new franchise owners to their system as many are now turning to the franchise industry for a new way to supplement their income and gain control over their futures.

Their newest owner, Daniel Salzman of Men In Kilts Denver discussed why he chose to open a business despite the pandemic, "During this pandemic, people are spending more time than ever at home so house maintenance is more important than ever. Men In Kilts will be there to provide the safe, excellent service that the community wants. In addition, when the economy ramps back up, I believe people will be excited to support local businesses more than ever which will put Men In Kilts in a prime position to thrive."

While not all franchises are built the same; there are a few industries considered recession-resistant and have continued to thrive despite the pandemic. More specifically, the cleaning industry has been deemed essential in many areas around the United States, and thus the businesses were not forced to shut down.

“Believe it or not, now is a great time to start a franchise business," says Mark Kushinsky, CEO of Men In Kilts. "The economy being shut down lends itself to plenty of time to train and learn the business and get settled in their territory. Men In Kilts does not require an office location and the franchise system provides full-support for new and existing offices."

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